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In its efforts to support the state policy of local development, the Fund has launched The Training Program for Kuwaiti Newly Graduated Engineers and Architects in June 2004.

The Training Program for Kuwaiti Newly Graduated Engineers and Architects has been met with enormous local interest because it was established to support the efforts on human development in the state of Kuwait through a comprehensive training program seeking to give the new Kuwaiti graduates in the field of engineering and architecture the required skills, which will contribute to meet the needs of the local market and the private sector in particular.

Objective of this Program

The program aims to provide newly graduates with all the knowledge and skills required mainly by the private sector in the shortest period possible.


Training Phases

The design of the program, which extends for 13 months calls for its implementation in three phases:


Phase I

The duration of this phase is 3 months which includes intensive program of classroom lectures and workshop activities, in Kuwait Fund, covering engineering, technical, administrative, and financial aspects that are divided into roughly 13 weeks in accordance with the following distribution:


 Course Name

1    Finance for Non-Financials

2    Feasibility Study and Business Planning
3    Project Management and Risk Management
4    Contracts & Contract Management
5    Value engineering
6    Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects
7    Report Writing (Arabic and English) and CV Writing
8    Communication Skills and Interview Skills
9    Emotional Intelligence
10    Time, Self-Management and Goals Setting
11    Presentation Skills
12    Work Ethics and Behavior
13    Creative Problem Solving & Innovation Skills
14    Effective Team Work Skills & Skills to Succeed at Work
15    Negotiation Skills & Resolving a Conflict at Work


The first phase of the training program would strengthen the basic knowledge and skills of trainees and will qualify and prepare them for the second phase. 


Phase II

The Duration of this phase is 6 months which includes on the job training outside Kuwait within regional or international companies and organizations. This phase is designed to focus on practical training in engineering and supporting fields through daily tasks and responsibilities assigned to trainees.


Companies & Organizations in Phase II


Phase III

The duration of this phase Is 3 months which includes on the job training in Kuwait with companies, organizations, or factories that often belong to the private sector

At this stage, trainees will implement the knowledge and skills acquired in the first phase and field experience obtained in the second phase by which, in turn will apply these concepts and experiences in departments and sections that he/she will join in the Kuwaiti companies or organizations. This stage will provide trainees with available opportunities in the local market.


Companies & Organizations in Phase III



Training Schedule.

Lectures and workshops included in the first phase will begin at 8.00 am and will be going on until 2:00 pm. As for the second and third phases, trainees will follow the official hours of operations in the companies which they will be assigned to.


Financial Allowance and Training Contract

Trainees will be granted for financial allocations according to the following:

  • A monthly allowance of 850, during the training program that goes on for 13 months.
  • Trainees will be disbursed a travel allowance of 6600 KD for the first month, and a monthly travel allowance of 400 KD for the remaining months of the second phase.
  • Economy class ticket will be given to and from the place in which the trainee will be trained in abroad.
  • A health insurance will be provided during the training abroad
  •  A training contract will be signed between Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the trainees to include legal, administrative and financial aspects, as well as other important matter s that are necessary to determine the relationship between the fund and the trainees.


Annual Groups of Trainees and Selection Steps:

Two groups of Kuwaiti newly graduated engineers and architects will be accepted annually, to take part in the training program. Trainees will be selected according to the following stages and steps:

  1.  Announcing the program in the official newspapers semiannually, in March and September for the two groups in a row
  2. Allowing a period of three weeks to apply for a placement in the program, starting from the first day of the announcement.
  3. Engineers and architects who want to join the program must contact the Kuwait Fund Training Center Department after being informed of the announcement in newspapers, to find out more details about the program and its placement.
  4. After verifying that the applicant meets the basic requirements for admission to the program, he/she would be required to fill out an applicant form and enclose the required documents.
  5. Training Center Department will process the applications to ensure their conformity with the basic conditions.
  6. Applicants who meet the basic requirements will be asked to take the (TOEFL) test in Kuwait Fund
  7. Applicants with a 3.00 GPA or higher (B) or equivalent. 
  8. Applicants who have met the minimum requirements, and passed the (TOEFL) test with not less than 550 marks, will be asked to attend a personal interview.
  9. Afterwards, the results will be analyzed and priority in admission I’ll be given to those positions in:

            - Grade Point Average (GPA)

            - Interview 

     10. Applicants age should not exceed 26 years of age.

     11. The first stage begins at specific dates according to the announcement date for the start of the program.


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