Who We Are

The Kuwait Fund objective is to assist Arab and other developing countries in developing their economies.

The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development is a leading Kuwaiti bilateral development institution, established by virtue of Law No. 35 of 1961 and subsequent laws, to support and assist the Arab States and developing countries to develop their economies, promote cooperation and friendship between the State of Kuwait and those States through providing accessible loans, technical assistances and contributions in the resources and capitals of regional and international development institutions.


Leadership and innovation in providing development support to Arab and developing countries in order to achieve sustainable development and enhance Kuwait's position internationally.



Kuwait Fund for Development provides the development aid for the benefit of Arab countries and other developing countries so as to achieve sustainable development in them, and the humanitarian and development initiatives launched by the State of Kuwait under Kuwait Vision 2035.


Kuwait Fund's Values:

  1. Independence: The Fund maintains its independence in its development initiatives and management.
  2. Fiscal Prudence: The Fund relies on the best practices and accumulated experience to maintain financial sustainability.
  3. Commitment to humanitarian and developmental role of the State of Kuwait: Providing the facilitated loans and grants to Arab states and other developing countries.
  4. Commitment to development priorities of the countries: Respecting the priorities of countries in the implementation of development projects as long as they are within the objectives of Kuwait Fund.
  5. Technical and economic commitment: Being keen on the technical safety and economic feasibility and providing the administrative and legal components necessary for the success of the funded projects.
  6. Commitment to social responsibility within the State of Kuwait: Providing support to the private sector and Kuwaiti community.
  7. Taking into account the preservation of the environment: Being keen to finance the environmentally friendly projects.
  8. Development Cooperation: The close collaboration with our development partners to achieve common development goals.

Law and Basic Information

Types of Activities

The Fund's operations are focused primarily on the sectors of agriculture and irrigation, transport and communications, energy, industry, water and sewage.

  1. Making loans and providing guarantees,
  2. Making Grants by way of technical assistance and providing other types of technical assistance,
  3. Contributing to capital stocks of international and regional development finance institutions and other development institutions and representing the State of Kuwait in such institutions.
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